Meet Your Supervisors


Dr. Carol Kidron

Personal and collective memory, practices and memorial sites, Holocaust and genocide, human rights and humanitarian intervention, psychological anthropology, therapeutic discourse and practice in daily life; Anthropology of the self and postmodern identity work.


Dr. Tsipy Ivry

Anthropology of Medicine, Israeli Society, Modern Japanese Society, Comparative Anthropology, Genetics, New Fertility Technologies, Genetics and Genomics, Anthropology of Science, Anthropology of the Body, Fertility, Parenting, Religion, Judaism in Israel, Qualitative Research Methods.


Prof. Amalia Sa'ar

Cultural Anthropology, Gender and Feminist Theory, Anthropology of Security, Palestinian Society in Israel, Women Working and Citizenship, Urban Anthropology, Action Studies.


Dr. Nadeem Karkabi

Anthropology of popular culture; Palestinian society, the Arab world; Politics of everyday life, nationalism, ethnicity; Urbanity, space, mobility, boundaries


Prof. Nurit Bird-David

Cultural anthropology, economic anthropology, ethnography, cultures of contemporary hunter-gatherer societies, cultural conceptions of environment and society, consumption and construction of home and identity. Studies in India, Kenya and Israel.